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Microsatellite mutations and inferences about human demography.Academic Article Why?
A Temporal Perspective on the Interplay of Demography and Selection on Deleterious Variation in Humans.Academic Article Why?
Inferences about human demography based on multilocus analyses of noncoding sequences.Academic Article Why?
Testing models of selection and demography in Drosophila simulans.Academic Article Why?
The heritage of pathogen pressures and ancient demography in the human innate-immunity CD209/CD209L region.Academic Article Why?
Whole-genome sequencing data offer insights into human demography.Academic Article Why?
DemographyConcept Why?
Ecology and Demography of Free-Roaming Domestic Dogs in Rural Villages near Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.Academic Article Why?
Martinez-Cardoso, AreshaPerson Why?
Finding the factors of reduced genetic diversity on X chromosomes of Macaca fascicularis: male-driven evolution, demography, and natural selection.Academic Article Why?
A macroevolutionary perspective on species range limits.Academic Article Why?
Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of North America.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionarily stable range limits set by interspecific competition.Academic Article Why?
Geographical invariance in population genetics.Academic Article Why?
Larval ecology, geographic range, and species survivorship in Cretaceous mollusks: organismic versus species-level explanations.Academic Article Why?
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