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Genetic Influences on Disease Subtypes.Academic Article Why?
Intracranial atherosclerotic disease mechanistic subtypes drive hypoperfusion patterns.Academic Article Why?
Dahl, AndrewPerson Why?
Evidence for two subtypes of Cushing's disease based on the analysis of episodic cortisol secretion.Academic Article Why?
STAT5B mutations in myeloid neoplasms differ by disease subtypes but characterize a subset of chronic myeloid neoplasms with eosinophilia and/or basophilia.Academic Article Why?
Monocyte and macrophage subtypes as paired cell biomarkers for coronary artery disease.Academic Article Why?
Deterioration on the Blessed test in Alzheimer's disease: longitudinal data and their implications for clinical trials and identification of subtypes.Academic Article Why?
Huo, DezhengPerson Why?
Systems Biology based Proteogenomic Translator for Cancer Marker Discovery towards Precision MedicineGrant Why?
Role of c-fos in cocaine actionsGrant Why?
Molecular mechanisms of motor neuron terminal identityGrant Why?
The Role of Adenosine in Retinal IschemiaGrant Why?
Novel therapeutic for treatment of type 1 diabetesGrant Why?
Rosner, MarshaPerson Why?
Kratsios, PaschalisPerson Why?
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