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A mouse model for Down syndrome exhibits learning and behaviour deficits.Academic Article Why?
A predictive model for obstructive sleep apnea and Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Acquired mutations in GATA1 in the megakaryoblastic leukemia of Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia in Down's syndrome: report of a case and review of cytogenetic findings.Academic Article Why?
An Analysis of Hospital Mortality After Cardiac Operations in Children With Down Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Anomalous stapes in Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Biochemical markers of trisomy 21 in amniotic fluid.Academic Article Why?
Bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of haematological disorders in Down's syndrome: toxicity and outcome.Academic Article Why?
Cervical-spine instability in children with Down syndrome (trisomy 21).Academic Article Why?
Chromosome abnormalities in Down's syndrome patients with acute leukemia.Academic Article Why?
Down Syndrome and acute leukaemia: increased risk may be due to trisomy 21.Academic Article Why?
Down's syndrome with mania.Academic Article Why?
Effects of donepezil on cognitive functioning in Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Fine motor and self-care milestones for individuals with Down syndrome using a Retrospective Chart Review.Academic Article Why?
Functional status of school-aged children with Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
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