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Commentary: Aurolab aqueous drainage implant: Posterior versus anterior segment implantation.Academic Article Why?
Early removal of urethral catheter with suprapubic tube drainage versus urethral catheter drainage alone after robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.Academic Article Why?
[Use of valvular drainage of the pleural cavity in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax].Academic Article Why?
ACR Appropriateness Criteria on percutaneous catheter drainage of infected fluid collections.Academic Article Why?
Combined pancreatic duct and upper gastrointestinal and biliary tract drainage in chronic pancreatitis.Academic Article Why?
Drainage efficiency with dual versus single catheters in severe intraventricular hemorrhage.Academic Article Why?
Early results of Descemet-stripping and automated endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK) in patients with glaucoma drainage devices.Academic Article Why?
Effect of failed computed tomography-guided and endoscopic drainage on pancreatic pseudocyst management.Academic Article Why?
EUS-guided internal drainage of a deep abdominal postoperative abscess after Whipple procedure.Academic Article Why?
Experimental Drainage Device to Reduce Lymphoedema in a Rat Model.Academic Article Why?
External ventricular drainage for intraventricular hemorrhage.Academic Article Why?
Interval asymptomatic infected postpancreatic resection fluid collections managed with endoscopic ultrasound-guided drainage.Academic Article Why?
Manual lymphatic drainage for the treatment of acute genital lymphedema.Academic Article Why?
Pancreatic duct drainage in chronic pancreatitis.Academic Article Why?
Percutaneous biliary drainage in patients with nondilated intrahepatic bile ducts.Academic Article Why?
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