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E2F Transcription FactorsConcept Why?
E2F proteins are posttranslationally modified concomitantly with a reduction in nuclear binding activity in cells infected with herpes simplex virus 1.Academic Article Why?
Du, WeiPerson Why?
BNIP3 is an RB/E2F target gene required for hypoxia-induced autophagy.Academic Article Why?
Rb family-independent activating E2F increases genome stability, promotes homologous recombination, and decreases non-homologous end joining.Academic Article Why?
Cell cycle regulation.Academic Article Why?
Critical role of active repression by E2F and Rb proteins in endoreplication during Drosophila development.Academic Article Why?
E2F is required to prevent inappropriate S-phase entry of mammalian cells.Academic Article Why?
Endocycle and E2F-dependent transcriptional activation and repression.Academic Article Why?
RB deletion disrupts coordination between DNA replication licensing and mitotic entry in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Macleod, KayPerson Why?
Ectopic expression of dE2F and dDP induces cell proliferation and death in the Drosophila eye.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of apoptosis of rbf mutant cells during Drosophila development.Academic Article Why?
Requirements for dE2F function in proliferating cells and in post-mitotic differentiating cells.Academic Article Why?
An integrated view of cyclin E function and regulation.Academic Article Why?
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