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Intracranial EEG substrates of scalp EEG interictal spikes.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating an Interdisciplinary EEG Initiative on In-Training Examination EEG-Related Item Scores for Anesthesiology Residents.Academic Article Why?
Frequency of EEG abnormalities in age-matched siblings of autistic children with abnormal sleep EEG patterns.Academic Article Why?
Ebersole, JohnPerson Why?
Tao, JamesPerson Why?
Nordli, DouglasPerson Why?
Wu, ShashaPerson Why?
A standardized nomenclature for spectrogram EEG patterns: Inter-rater agreement and correspondence with common intensive care unit EEG patterns.Academic Article Why?
Advances in spike localization with EEG dipole modeling.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of ambulatory cassette EEG monitoring: III. Diagnostic accuracy compared to intensive inpatient EEG monitoring.Academic Article Why?
The first-hour-of-the-day sleep EEG reliably identifies interictal epileptiform discharges during long-term video-EEG monitoring.Academic Article Why?
Ambulatory cassette EEG in clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
Ambulatory cassette EEG.Academic Article Why?
Ambulatory EEG: telemetered and cassette-recorded.Academic Article Why?
Automated Detection of Postictal Generalized EEG Suppression.Academic Article Why?
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