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Intractable complex partial seizures associated with occult temporal lobe encephalocele and meningoangiomatosis: a case report.Academic Article Why?
A Rare Triad of Giant Occipital Encephalocele with Lipomyelomeningocele, Tetralogy of Fallot, and Situs Inversus.Academic Article Why?
Case 3. Frontoethmoidal encephalocele.Academic Article Why?
Fetal hemangioma overlying the temporal occipital suture, initially diagnosed by ultrasonography as an encephalocele.Academic Article Why?
EncephaloceleConcept Why?
Horowitz, PelegPerson Why?
Modification of the Fetal Profile Line to Measure Reversal of Forehead Slope after Early Repair of Frontoethmoidal Encephalocele.Academic Article Why?
Autosomal dominant familial frontonasal dermoid cysts: a mother and her identical twin daughters.Academic Article Why?
Bilateral middle cranial fossa encephaloceles presenting as conductive hearing loss.Academic Article Why?
Brain and optic chiasmal herniation following cabergoline treatment for a giant prolactinoma: wait or intervene?Academic Article Why?
Brain herniation due to syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) after posterior spine fusion.Academic Article Why?
Endoscopic endonasal repair of anterior cranial base encephaloceles: A lower cost alternative to open craniofacial approaches.Academic Article Why?
Endovaginal sonographic diagnosis of iniencephaly apertus and craniorachischisis at 13 weeks, menstrual age.Academic Article Why?
Hydrocephalus requiring urgent external ventricular drainage in a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis and cerebral edema: case report.Academic Article Why?
Imaging Assessment of Re-Exploratory Repair of an Occipital Bone Defect-Associated Tectocerebellar Dysraphism via Hybrid Cranioplasty.Academic Article Why?
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