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Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup (GCIG) Endometrial Cancer Clinical Trials Planning Meeting: taking endometrial cancer trials into the translational era.Academic Article Why?
Integrated genomic characterization of endometrial carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Adjuvant treatment of advanced-stage endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
Age as a prognostic factor for recurrence in patients with endometrial carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
Angiogenesis factor in endometrial carcinoma: a new prognostic indicator?Academic Article Why?
Association between body mass index and surgical menopausal symptoms in patients with early stage endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
Association of Metformin Use with Outcomes in Advanced Endometrial Cancer Treated with Chemotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Cancer susceptibility gene mutations in type I and II endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics and outcome of endometrial carcinoma patients age 45 years and younger.Academic Article Why?
Chemo- and radiotherapy in adjuvant management of optimally debulked endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
Chemotherapy for Endometrial Cancer in Adjuvant and Advanced Disease Settings.Academic Article Why?
Chemotherapy in endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
Clinical significance of T cell clonality and expression levels of immune-related genes in endometrial cancer.Academic Article Why?
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