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A model and test for coordinated polygenic epistasis in complex traits.Academic Article Why?
Convergence of multilocus systems under weak epistasis or weak selection.Academic Article Why?
Epistasis in protein evolution.Academic Article Why?
Evolution under the multilocus Levene model without epistasis.Academic Article Why?
Large-scale genetic epistasis networks using RNAi.Academic Article Why?
Widespread genetic epistasis among cancer genes.Academic Article Why?
FUT2-ABO epistasis increases the risk of early childhood asthma and Streptococcus pneumoniae respiratory illnesses.Academic Article Why?
Learning the pattern of epistasis linking genotype and phenotype in a protein.Academic Article Why?
Congenic dissection of a major QTL for methamphetamine sensitivity implicates epistasis.Academic Article Why?
Genotypic variation for a quantitative character maintained under stabilizing selection without mutations: epistasis.Academic Article Why?
Thornton, JosephPerson Why?
Comprehensive analysis of fitness effects and epistasis along a billion-year evolutionary trajectoryGrant Why?
Crystal structure of an ancient protein: evolution by conformational epistasis.Academic Article Why?
Rate of evolution of a character without epistasis.Academic Article Why?
Epistasis, GeneticConcept Why?
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