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Thornton, JosephPerson Why?
Long, ManyuanPerson Why?
Luo, Zhe-XiPerson Why?
Shubin, NeilPerson Why?
Experimental interrogation of the path dependence and stochasticity of protein evolution using phage-assisted continuous evolution.Academic Article Why?
Evolution-Based Functional Decomposition of Proteins.Academic Article Why?
Evolution-informed forecasting of seasonal influenza A (H3N2).Academic Article Why?
An evolution-based strategy for engineering allosteric regulation.Academic Article Why?
Evolution-guided discovery and recoding of allosteric pathway specificity determinants in psychoactive bioamine receptors.Academic Article Why?
Evolution. Parallel evolution is in the genes.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary origins of the vertebrate dentition: phylogenetic patterns and developmental evolution.Academic Article Why?
Molecular evolution of evolutionary novelties: the vagina and uterus of therian mammals.Academic Article Why?
Bergelson, JoyPerson Why?
Lahn, BrucePerson Why?
Price, TrevorPerson Why?
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