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Facial Palsy Induced by Checkpoint Blockade: A Single Center Retrospective Study.Academic Article Why?
Immediate Gore-Tex sling suspension for management of facial paralysis in head and neck extirpative surgery.Academic Article Why?
Osteoblastoma of the temporal bone presenting as facial paralysis.Academic Article Why?
Facial ParalysisConcept Why?
Reid, Russell R.Person Why?
Continuous intraoperative facial nerve monitoring in predicting postoperative injury during parotidectomy.Academic Article Why?
Delayed facial nerve palsy after temporal lobectomy for epilepsy: report of four cases and discussion of possible mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
Facial reanimation procedures depicted on radiologic imaging.Academic Article Why?
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension and facial diplegia.Academic Article Why?
Immediate eye rehabilitation at the time of facial nerve sacrifice.Academic Article Why?
Modification of the Labbé Procedure: Integration of the Deep Temporalis Fascia Turnover Flap.Academic Article Why?
New Facial Weakness After 5 Years of Facial Asymmetry.Academic Article Why?
Refinements in anchoring the gracilis muscle for facial reanimation.Academic Article Why?
Teaching video neuroimages: how to unmask respiratory strength confounded by facial diplegia.Academic Article Why?
Rezania, KouroshPerson Why?
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