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Murine fetal echocardiography.Academic Article Why?
Williams, Paula E.Person Why?
Physiology of isolated long-term variability of the fetal heart rate.Academic Article Why?
Kim, Gene H.Person Why?
Neonatal echocardiogram in duodenal obstruction is unnecessary after normal fetal cardiac imaging.Academic Article Why?
Successful palliation of Ebstein's malformation on the first day of life following fetal diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Left hemitruncus associated with tetralogy of fallot: fetal diagnosis and postnatal echocardiographic and cardiac computed tomographic confirmation.Academic Article Why?
Elevated neonatal insulin-like growth factor I is associated with fetal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in diabetic women.Academic Article Why?
Shahul, Sajid S.Person Why?
Rana, SaroshPerson Why?
Jilling, TamasPerson Why?
Oto, AytekinPerson Why?
Abramowicz, JacquesPerson Why?
Kohli, UtkarshPerson Why?
Vricella, LucaPerson Why?
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