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Foot InjuriesConcept Why?
A survey of orthopedic surgeons regarding DVT prophylaxis in foot and ankle trauma surgery.Academic Article Why?
Balancing the risk of complications in foot and ankle surgical patients taking antithrombotic medication.Academic Article Why?
Burns of the feet.Academic Article Why?
Cold Injuries.Academic Article Why?
Distribution of pedal burns by source and depth.Academic Article Why?
Glabrous dermal grafting: a 12-year experience with the functional and aesthetic restoration of palmar and plantar skin defects.Academic Article Why?
Hynes, KellyPerson Why?
The extended distally based sural neurocutaneous flap for foot and ankle reconstruction: a retrospective review of 10 years of experience.Academic Article Why?
Tibiofibular bone-bridging osteoplasty in transtibial amputation: case report and description of technique.Academic Article Why?
Gottlieb, LawrencePerson Why?
Caprini, JosephPerson Why?
Lightning injury.Academic Article Why?
San Splint orthoses.Academic Article Why?
Stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal.Academic Article Why?
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