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Hindfoot arthrodesis for the adult acquired flat foot.Academic Article Why?
[Specific tonicity of the muscles of the sole of the foot and the lower leg and its relation to foot deformities].Academic Article Why?
Spatial dysmorphology of the foot in Apert syndrome: three-dimensional computed tomography.Academic Article Why?
Soft-tissue abnormalities of the foot and ankle: CT diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
[Preventive, early, "mass" transplantation of the tendons in the feet of small children after poliomyelitis].Academic Article Why?
Burns of the feet.Academic Article Why?
Surgical management of primary cutaneous melanomas of the hands and feet.Academic Article Why?
Hynes, KellyPerson Why?
Valgus deformities of the feet and characteristics of gait in patients who have rheumatoid arthritis.Academic Article Why?
The treatment of failed reconstruction for adult acquired flat foot deformity.Academic Article Why?
An electrodynographic study of foot function in shoes of varying heel heights.Academic Article Why?
Pedicled flaps for foot defects in elderly patients: is duplex ultrasonography necessary?Academic Article Why?
Balancing the risk of complications in foot and ankle surgical patients taking antithrombotic medication.Academic Article Why?
Experience of Using Telehealth for Foot and Ankle Examination During The SARS-COV-2 Crisis.Academic Article Why?
Financial Impact of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Surgical Treatment of Foot and Ankle Osteomyelitis.Academic Article Why?
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