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An intact connexin N-terminus is required for function but not gap junction formation.Academic Article Why?
Atrial fibrillation-associated connexin40 mutants make hemichannels and synergistically form gap junction channels with novel properties.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of the gap junction protein, connexin45.Academic Article Why?
Cloning and functional expression of a novel gap junction channel from the retina of Danio aquipinnatus.Academic Article Why?
Connexin and gap junction degradation.Academic Article Why?
Connexin40 and connexin43 determine gating properties of atrial gap junction channels.Academic Article Why?
Connexin43 and connexin26 form gap junctions, but not heteromeric channels in co-expressing cells.Academic Article Why?
Connexin43 and connexin45 form heteromeric gap junction channels in which individual components determine permeability and regulation.Academic Article Why?
Connexin46 mutations linked to congenital cataract show loss of gap junction channel function.Academic Article Why?
Cx30.2 can form heteromeric gap junction channels with other cardiac connexins.Academic Article Why?
Degradation of connexin43 gap junctions involves both the proteasome and the lysosome.Academic Article Why?
Differential expression of gap junction proteins in the canine sinus node.Academic Article Why?
Differential expression of two gap junction proteins in corneal epithelium.Academic Article Why?
Distinct gap junction protein phenotypes in cardiac tissues with disparate conduction properties.Academic Article Why?
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