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Olopade, OlufunmilayoPerson Why?
The Impact of Biomarker Screening and Cascade Genetic Testing on the Cost-Effectiveness of MODY Genetic Testing.Academic Article Why?
A cost-effectiveness analysis of amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling for prenatal genetic testing.Academic Article Why?
Addressing the ethical challenges in genetic testing and sequencing of children.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes of genetic counselors towards expanding newborn screening and offering predictive genetic testing to children.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes of healthcare professionals and parents regarding genetic testing for violent traits in childhood.Academic Article Why?
Cancer genetic testing and assisted reproduction.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Susceptibility Genetic Testing in a High-Risk Cohort of Urban Ashkenazi Jewish Individuals.Academic Article Why?
Cost-effectiveness of MODY genetic testing: translating genomic advances into practical health applications.Academic Article Why?
Development of a genomic DNA reference material panel for Rett syndrome (MECP2-related disorders) genetic testing.Academic Article Why?
Disparities in genetic testing: thinking outside the BRCA box.Academic Article Why?
Do patients with inflammatory bowel disease want genetic testing?Academic Article Why?
Early-Life Epilepsies and the Emerging Role of Genetic Testing.Academic Article Why?
Ethical and policy issues in genetic testing.Academic Article Why?
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