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Linkage and association in complex genetic diseases.Academic Article Why?
The prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders.Academic Article Why?
Duty to warn about hereditary disease risks.Academic Article Why?
PTC124 targets genetic disorders caused by nonsense mutations.Academic Article Why?
Population screening for genetic disorders in the 21st century: evidence, economics, and ethics.Academic Article Why?
Genetic testing of families with hereditary diseases.Academic Article Why?
Alzheimer's disease: genetic studies and transgenic models.Academic Article Why?
Genetic disorders of copper metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Newborn screening compared to clinical identification of biochemical genetic disorders.Academic Article Why?
Predicting molecular mechanisms of hereditary diseases by using their tissue-selective manifestation.Academic Article Why?
Prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders.Academic Article Why?
A drosophila genetic resource of mutants to study mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases.Academic Article Why?
CDKs as therapeutic targets for the human genetic disease tuberous sclerosis?Academic Article Why?
Development of a genomic DNA reference material panel for Rett syndrome (MECP2-related disorders) genetic testing.Academic Article Why?
Effect of expanded newborn screening for biochemical genetic disorders on child outcomes and parental stress.Academic Article Why?
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