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Professional medical education and genomics.Academic Article Why?
Beyond the Arabidopsis genome: opportunities for comparative genomics.Academic Article Why?
Developments in developmental genomics.Academic Article Why?
Functional genomics, genetics, and bioinformatics.Academic Article Why?
Genomics tools for QTL analysis and gene discovery.Academic Article Why?
Heritability of hematologic malignancies: from pedigrees to genomics.Academic Article Why?
Modifications and functional genomics of human transfer RNA.Academic Article Why?
Perioperative genomics.Academic Article Why?
Recent advances in Drosophila genomics.Academic Article Why?
A panel of induced pluripotent stem cells from chimpanzees: a resource for comparative functional genomics.Academic Article Why?
An integrative functional genomics framework for effective identification of novel regulatory variants in genome-phenome studies.Academic Article Why?
Ancient genomics.Academic Article Why?
Beyond the ENCODE project: using genomics and epigenomics strategies to study enhancer evolution.Academic Article Why?
Bionimbus: a cloud for managing, analyzing and sharing large genomics datasets.Academic Article Why?
Breakthroughs in genomics data integration for predicting clinical outcome.Academic Article Why?
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