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Geriatric psychiatry training for the general psychiatric resident.Academic Article Why?
Psychogeriatrics and medical informatics.Academic Article Why?
Psychogeriatrics in the 1990s.Academic Article Why?
Psychogeriatrics, nursing homes, and lawsuits.Academic Article Why?
Psychogeriatrics--an interdisciplinary specialty.Academic Article Why?
Pulling your hair out in geriatric psychiatry: a case report.Academic Article Why?
Geriatric PsychiatryConcept Why?
International psychogeriatrics. Multiple disciplines come together to share knowledge of medicine.Academic Article Why?
Zahradnik, ErinPerson Why?
A clinical collaboration of a psychiatrist and a geriatric care manager.Academic Article Why?
Aging and mental health: primary care of the healthy older adult. A roundtable discussion: Part I.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of elderly psychiatric patients retained in a state hospital during downsizing: a prospective study with replication.Academic Article Why?
House calls in the 1990s: new concepts and categories of home visits. A call for new research and reports.Academic Article Why?
May you live amidst interesting dichotomies--from manifest behavior to molecular biology.Academic Article Why?
Psychiatric consultation in a community agency serving the elderly.Academic Article Why?
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