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Introducing Aquifer Geriatrics, the American Geriatrics Society National Online Curriculum.Academic Article Why?
Teaching geriatrics during the COVID-19 pandemic: Aquifer Geriatrics to the rescue.Academic Article Why?
Thompson, KatherinePerson Why?
Education in geriatrics and gerontology.Academic Article Why?
Faculty development programs in geriatrics.Academic Article Why?
ECHO-Chicago Geriatrics: using telementoring to "geriatricize" the primary care workforce.Academic Article Why?
Perceptions, attitudes, and experiences of hematology/oncology fellows toward incorporating geriatrics in their training.Academic Article Why?
Improving medication management competency of clinical trainees in geriatrics.Academic Article Why?
Gleason, LaurenPerson Why?
Accelerated aging among cancer survivors: from pediatrics to geriatrics.Academic Article Why?
Geriatrics training for nurses in a skilled nursing facility: a GWEP feasibility study.Academic Article Why?
Presidential Poster Award in Geriatrics EducationAward or Honor Receipt Why?
American Geriatrics Society Fellowship StatusAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Division of Geriatrics and Aging Commendation AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
GeriatricsConcept Why?
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