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Identifying global health competencies to prepare 21st century global health professionals: report from the global health competency subcommittee of the consortium of universities for global health.Academic Article Why?
Global Health Equity: Cancer Care Outcome Disparities in High-, Middle-, and Low-Income Countries.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing anesthesia residency selection: impact of global health opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Identifying interprofessional global health competencies for 21st-century health professionals.Academic Article Why?
Global Health Education as a Translational Science in Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Social messaging for global health: lessons from Haiti.Academic Article Why?
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global health research training and education.Academic Article Why?
Global Health and Graduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature.Academic Article Why?
Global Health Education at Home: Canadian Medical Students' Perspectives After Learning Alongside Haitian Peers.Academic Article Why?
65 years of influenza surveillance by a World Health Organization-coordinated global network.Academic Article Why?
Stroke: working toward a prioritized world agenda.Academic Article Why?
Shipboard Global Health Engagement Missions: Essential Lessons for Military Healthcare Personnel.Academic Article Why?
Suicide Risk Screening in Pediatric Hospitals: Clinical Pathways to Address a Global Health Crisis.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing global health experiences in emergency medicine residency programs: a consensus statement from the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors 2011 Academic Assembly global health specialty track.Academic Article Why?
Global health experiences of U.S. Physicians: a mixed methods survey of clinician-researchers and health policy leaders.Academic Article Why?
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