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Comics in the Time of a Pan(dem)ic: COVID-19, Graphic Medicine, and Metaphors.Academic Article Why?
Graphic Medicine-The Best of 2021.Academic Article Why?
Improvisational and Standup Comedy, Graphic Medicine, and Theatre of the Oppressed to Teach Advancing Health Equity.Academic Article Why?
Callender, Brian C.Person Why?
Web Exclusives. Annals graphic medicine: Mr. S changes doctors.Academic Article Why?
COVID-19, comics, and the visual culture of contagion.Academic Article Why?
Chin, Marshall H.Person Why?
Arora, VineetPerson Why?
Extending Tools for Visualization of Geographic Structure in Population Genomic DataGrant Why?
Orlov, Nicola M.Person Why?
Rusiecki, JenniferPerson Why?
Peek, MonicaPerson Why?
Novembre, JohnPerson Why?
Pincavage, AmberPerson Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
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