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An In vitro System to Gauge the Thrombolytic Efficacy of Histotripsy and a Lytic Drug.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of bubble activity generated by histotripsy combined with echogenic liposomes.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Collaborative Robot (Cobot)-Assisted Histotripsy for Venous Clot Ablation.Academic Article Why?
Effect of Frequency-Dependent Attenuation on Predicted Histotripsy Waveforms in Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms.Academic Article Why?
Efficacy of histotripsy combined with rt-PA in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Estimating the mechanical energy of histotripsy bubble clouds with high frame rate imaging.Academic Article Why?
In Vitro Thrombolytic Efficacy of Single- and Five-Cycle Histotripsy Pulses and rt-PA.Academic Article Why?
Predicting the growth of nanoscale nuclei by histotripsy pulses.Academic Article Why?
The influence of gas diffusion on bubble persistence in shock-scattering histotripsy.Academic Article Why?
Clot Degradation Under the Action of Histotripsy Bubble Activity and a Lytic Drug.Academic Article Why?
Design and Characterization of an Ultrasound Transducer for Combined Histotripsy-Thrombolytic Therapy.Academic Article Why?
For Whom the Bubble Grows: Physical Principles of Bubble Nucleation and Dynamics in Histotripsy Ultrasound Therapy.Academic Article Why?
Histotripsy Bubble Cloud Contrast With Chirp-Coded Excitation in Preclinical Models.Academic Article Why?
In vitro assessment of stiffness-dependent histotripsy bubble cloud activity in gel phantoms and blood clots.Academic Article Why?
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