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Bensmaia, SlimanPerson Why?
Development and Validation of a Tool to Evaluate Hand-off QualityGrant Why?
Wolf, JenniferPerson Why?
Faecal contamination of commuters' hands in main vehicle stations in Dhaka city, Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Hand in hand: A multistakeholder approach for co-production of surgical care.Academic Article Why?
Hand-off education and evaluation: piloting the observed simulated hand-off experience (OSHE).Academic Article Why?
Myosin VI walks hand-over-hand along actin.Academic Article Why?
Correlation between objective and subjective measures of hand function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Academic Article Why?
Aneurysms of the hand.Academic Article Why?
Simulating tactile signals from the whole hand with millisecond precision.Academic Article Why?
A swollen hand with blisters: a case of compartment syndrome in a child.Academic Article Why?
A Validation Protocol: Assessing the Accuracy of Hand Hygiene Monitoring Technology.Academic Article Why?
Trabecular bone structure correlates with hand posture and use in hominoids.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of cloth, paper, and warm air drying in eliminating viruses and bacteria from washed hands.Academic Article Why?
Biological and bionic hands: natural neural coding and artificial perception.Academic Article Why?
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