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High-throughput RNA sequencing of paraformaldehyde-fixed single cells.Academic Article Why?
Segal, JeremyPerson Why?
High-Throughput Nucleotide SequencingConcept Why?
Pan, TaoPerson Why?
He, ChuanPerson Why?
Basu, AninditaPerson Why?
Tay, SavasPerson Why?
Del Gaudio, DanielaPerson Why?
[Next-generation sequencing for lung cancer].Academic Article Why?
A massively parallel strategy for STR marker development, capture, and genotyping.Academic Article Why?
A method to prioritize quantitative traits and individuals for sequencing in family-based studies.Academic Article Why?
A Protocol for Functional Assessment of Whole-Protein Saturation Mutagenesis Libraries Utilizing High-Throughput Sequencing.Academic Article Why?
Accuracy of RNA-Seq and its dependence on sequencing depth.Academic Article Why?
Adapting ACMG/AMP sequence variant classification guidelines for single-gene copy number variants.Academic Article Why?
An exponential combination procedure for set-based association tests in sequencing studies.Academic Article Why?
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