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Pan, XiaochuanPerson Why?
Sidky, EmilPerson Why?
Enhanced imaging of microcalcifications in digital breast tomosynthesis through improved image-reconstruction algorithms.Academic Article Why?
Local cone-beam tomography image reconstruction on chords.Academic Article Why?
Optimization-based image reconstruction from sparse-view data in offset-detector CBCT.Academic Article Why?
Single particle image reconstruction of the human recombinant Kv2.1 channel.Academic Article Why?
A signal detection model for quantifying overregularization in nonlinear image reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Addressing CT metal artifacts using photon-counting detectors and one-step spectral CT image reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Analytic image reconstruction in local phase-contrast tomography.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of local and global angular interpolation applied to spectral-spatial EPR image reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of photoacoustic image reconstruction algorithms using the channelized Hotelling observer.Academic Article Why?
Image reconstruction and scan configurations enabled by optimization-based algorithms in multispectral CT.Academic Article Why?
Image reconstruction from data over two orthogonal arcs of limited-angular ranges.Academic Article Why?
Image reconstruction in circular cone-beam computed tomography by constrained, total-variation minimization.Academic Article Why?
Investigation of iterative image reconstruction in low-dose breast CT.Academic Article Why?
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