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Macrophages and infertility: oviductal macrophages as potential mediators of infertility.Academic Article Why?
Treating Infertility with Transplantation: Theological views on whether Infertility is a Disease.Academic Article Why?
Psychosocial distress and infertility: men and women respond differently.Academic Article Why?
Approaches to assessing perioperative sterility.Academic Article Why?
Considerations on tubal sterility of presumed psychogenic origin.Academic Article Why?
Genetic basis of male sterility in hybrids between two closely related species of Drosophila.Academic Article Why?
Genetic determination of male sterility in gynodioecious Silene nutans.Academic Article Why?
Meiotic drive and unisexual hybrid sterility: a comment.Academic Article Why?
Infertility induced in rats by immunization with synthetic peptide segments of a sperm protein.Academic Article Why?
Human testis vitamin D binding protein involved in infertility.Academic Article Why?
Infertility, treatment of infertility, and the risk of breast cancer among women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations: a case-control study.Academic Article Why?
A new molecular variant of luteinizing hormone associated with female infertility.Academic Article Why?
Access to infertility care in the developing world: the family promotion gap.Academic Article Why?
Antisperm antibodies associated with infertility: properties and encoding genes of target antigens.Academic Article Why?
APOB gene signal peptide deletion polymorphism is not associated with infertility in Indian men.Academic Article Why?
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