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Injury prevention for children with disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Partnering with mutual aid associations to provide home injury prevention.Academic Article Why?
Targeting pediatric pedestrian injury prevention efforts: teasing the information through spatial analysis.Academic Article Why?
Exposure to and compliance with pediatric injury prevention counseling--United States, 1994.Academic Article Why?
Injury prevention practices as depicted in G-rated and PG-rated movies.Academic Article Why?
Value of hospital resources for effective pressure injury prevention: a cost-effectiveness analysis.Academic Article Why?
Bhalla, KaviPerson Why?
Child injury deaths: comparing prevention information from two coding systems.Academic Article Why?
An In Vivo Zebrafish Model for Interrogating ROS-Mediated Pancreatic ß-Cell Injury, Response, and Prevention.Academic Article Why?
Prevention of nerve injury during arthroscopic capsulectomy of the elbow utilizing a safety-driven strategy.Academic Article Why?
Prevention, diagnosis and management of paediatric ACL injuries.Academic Article Why?
Evidence to inform intersectoral policies: a comparison of health and transport sector evidence in support of road traffic injury prevention.Academic Article Why?
Prevention of thromboembolism in spinal cord injury: role of low molecular weight heparin.Academic Article Why?
Assessment and evaluation of primary prevention in spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Thromboxane inhibitors for the prevention of progressive dermal ischemia due to the thermal injury.Academic Article Why?
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