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Lynx: a knowledge base and an analytical workbench for integrative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Lynx: a database and knowledge extraction engine for integrative medicine.Academic Article Why?
Racial differences in familiarity, interest, and use of integrative medicine among patients with breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Integrative MedicineConcept Why?
A hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial of an evidence-based exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors.Academic Article Why?
Ciaccio, ChristinaPerson Why?
Examining the conceptual model of integrative cognitive-affective therapy for BN: Two assessment studies.Academic Article Why?
Religion, clinicians, and the integration of complementary and alternative medicines.Academic Article Why?
The use of complementary and integrative therapies as adjunct interventions during radiotherapy: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
Yuan, Chun-SuPerson Why?
Integrative therapies for multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Curlin, FarrPerson Why?
Nanda, RitaPerson Why?
Gilliam, T. ConradPerson Why?
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