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Interprofessional RelationsConcept Why?
Arora, VineetPerson Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
Kostas, TiaPerson Why?
A Financial and Operational Model Estimating the Value of Interprofessional Collaboration at a Large Academic Institution.Academic Article Why?
A PIECE OF MY MIND. Mentorship Malpractice.Academic Article Why?
Association of communication between hospital-based physicians and primary care providers with patient outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Case Reports in the Age of Twitter.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 4. The Relationship Between the European and North American Societies for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.Academic Article Why?
Cooperation needed to control TB.Academic Article Why?
Discussion: professional perceptions of plastic and reconstructive surgery: what primary care physicians think.Academic Article Why?
Disrupting disruptive physicians.Academic Article Why?
Efficient communication: assessment-oriented oral case presentation.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating the Referring Physician's Clinical History and Indication as a Means for Communicating Chronic Conditions That Are Pertinent at the Point of Radiologic Interpretation.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the use of social network methods in designing healthcare quality improvement teams.Academic Article Why?
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