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Bendelac, AlbertPerson Why?
Dysregulated LIGHT expression on T cells mediates intestinal inflammation and contributes to IgA nephropathy.Academic Article Why?
CD6 Receptor Regulates Intestinal Ischemia/Reperfusion-induced Injury by Modulating Natural IgM-producing B1a Cell Self-renewal.Academic Article Why?
Effect of secretory immunoglobulin A on bacterial translocation in an enterocyte-lymphocyte co-culture model.Academic Article Why?
High abundance of plasma cells secreting transglutaminase 2-specific IgA autoantibodies with limited somatic hypermutation in celiac disease intestinal lesions.Academic Article Why?
Targeted deletion of MyD88 in intestinal epithelial cells results in compromised antibacterial immunity associated with downregulation of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor, mucin-2, and antibacterial peptides.Academic Article Why?
Cranberry proanthocyanidins improve intestinal sIgA during elemental enteral nutrition.Academic Article Why?
Fung, JohnPerson Why?
Wilson, Patrick C.Person Why?
Nakamura, YusukePerson Why?
Natural polyreactive IgA antibodies coat the intestinal microbiota.Academic Article Why?
Jabri, BanaPerson Why?
Alverdy, JohnPerson Why?
Nagler, Cathryn R.Person Why?
Protection against rotavirus shedding after intranasal immunization of mice with a chimeric VP6 protein does not require intestinal IgA.Academic Article Why?
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