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Perozo, EduardoPerson Why?
Bezanilla, FranciscoPerson Why?
Chakrapani, SudhaPerson Why?
Roux, BenoitPerson Why?
Acute alcohol action and desensitization of ligand-gated ion channels.Academic Article Why?
Ion channels: from conductance to structure.Academic Article Why?
EPR approaches to ion channel structure and function.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol and ion channels.Academic Article Why?
Computational studies of membrane channels.Academic Article Why?
Desensitization mechanism in prokaryotic ligand-gated ion channel.Academic Article Why?
How to gate an ion channel: lessons from MthK.Academic Article Why?
Ion channels and ion selectivity.Academic Article Why?
Ion channels and pumps in cardiac function.Academic Article Why?
Magnesium selective ion channels.Academic Article Why?
Statistical mechanical equilibrium theory of selective ion channels.Academic Article Why?
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