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Kinetics of PAPS translocase: evidence for an antiport mechanism.Academic Article Why?
Electrogenic ion transport in mammalian colon involves an ammonia-sensitive apical membrane K+ conductance.Academic Article Why?
Antibiotic assisted molecular ion transport across a membrane in real time.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of epithelial ion transport in exocrine glands by store-operated Ca2+ entry.Academic Article Why?
Web interface for Brownian dynamics simulation of ion transport and its applications to beta-barrel pores.Academic Article Why?
Brownian dynamics simulations of ion transport through the VDAC.Academic Article Why?
Ion transport in the gramicidin channel: molecular dynamics study of single and double occupancy.Academic Article Why?
alpha 2-Adrenergic receptor regulation of ion transport in rabbit ileum.Academic Article Why?
Enterocyte alpha 2-adrenergic receptors: yohimbine and p-aminoclonidine binding relative to ion transport.Academic Article Why?
Interferon-gamma downregulates ion transport in murine small intestine cultured in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Ion transport of marine teleost intestine.Academic Article Why?
Observation and experimental investigation of confinement effects on ion transport and electrokinetic flows at the microscale.Academic Article Why?
Toxigenic diarrheas, congenital diarrheas, and cystic fibrosis: disorders of intestinal ion transport.Academic Article Why?
Ion transport and adrenergic function in major affective disorder.Academic Article Why?
Production and localization of cGMP and PGE2 in nitroprusside-stimulated rat colonic ion transport.Academic Article Why?
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