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An application of item response theory to alexithymia assessment among abstinent alcoholics.Academic Article Why?
Associating Psychotic Symptoms with Altered Brain Anatomy in Psychotic Disorders Using Multidimensional Item Response Theory Models.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of diagnostic criteria for night eating syndrome using item response theory analysis.Academic Article Why?
Item Response Theory Approaches to Harmonization and Research Synthesis.Academic Article Why?
Using item response theory to optimize measurement of chronic stress in pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Gibbons, RobertPerson Why?
On the psychometric validity of the domains of the PDSQ: an illustration of the bi-factor item response theory model.Academic Article Why?
Computerized Adaptive Testing - Depression InventoryGrant Why?
Borders, AnnPerson Why?
Holl, JanePerson Why?
Keenan-Devlin, LaurenPerson Why?
Mitchell, JamesPerson Why?
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