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Hyperactivity and learning disabilities as independent dimensions of child behavior problems.Academic Article Why?
Methodological issues and learning disabilities diagnosis in clinical populations.Academic Article Why?
Therapy of learning disabilities.Academic Article Why?
An open resource for transdiagnostic research in pediatric mental health and learning disorders.Academic Article Why?
Learning DisordersConcept Why?
A point of discrimination--Public Law 94-142.Academic Article Why?
Academic achievement after extreme prematurity: optimizing outcomes for vulnerable children in times of uncertainty.Academic Article Why?
Basic neuroscience research has important implications for child development.Academic Article Why?
Chronic pain: the role of learning and brain plasticity.Academic Article Why?
Discrimination of normal and at-risk preschool children on the basis of neurological tests.Academic Article Why?
Do learning-disabled children exhibit peripheral deficits in selective attention? An analysis of eye movements during reading.Academic Article Why?
Effects of neonatal isoflurane anesthesia exposure on learning-specific and sensory systems in adults.Academic Article Why?
Exploiting human anatomical variability as a link between genome and cognome.Academic Article Why?
Extreme prematurity and school outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Functional outcomes in self-care, mobility, communication, and learning in extremely low-birth weight infants.Academic Article Why?
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