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Long-QT syndrome.Academic Article Why?
A KCNE1 missense variant (V47I) causing exercise-induced long QT syndrome (Romano Ward).Academic Article Why?
Long QT SyndromeConcept Why?
Acute hemodynamic benefit of multisite ventricular pacing after congenital heart surgery.Academic Article Why?
Associations of Prolonged QTc in Sickle Cell Disease.Academic Article Why?
Asymptomatic QTc prolongation associated with quetiapine fumarate overdose in a patient being treated with risperidone.Academic Article Why?
Atrial repolarization causing psuedoprolongation of the QT interval.Academic Article Why?
Domperidone is Commonly Prescribed With QT-Interacting Drugs: Review of a Community-based Practice and a Postmarketing Adverse Drug Event Reporting Database.Academic Article Why?
Drug-Induced QTc Prolongation.Academic Article Why?
Heteromerization of Kir2.x potassium channels contributes to the phenotype of Andersen's syndrome.Academic Article Why?
High-Fidelity Analysis of Perioperative QTc Prolongation.Academic Article Why?
Idiopathic long Q-T syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Inherited long QT syndromes: be mindful of the potassium level.Academic Article Why?
Kohli, UtkarshPerson Why?
Lung function, percent emphysema, and QT duration: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) lung study.Academic Article Why?
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