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Arber, DanielPerson Why?
Van Besien, KoenPerson Why?
Chiu, Brian Chih-HungPerson Why?
Stock, WendyPerson Why?
Venkataraman, GirishPerson Why?
Riedell, PeterPerson Why?
New entities, issues, and controversies in the classification of malignant lymphoma.Academic Article Why?
The impact of MYC expression in lymphoma biology: beyond Burkitt lymphoma.Academic Article Why?
Diffuse blastoid B-cell lymphoma: a histologically aggressive variant of t(14;18)-negative follicular lymphoma.Academic Article Why?
[Correlation between pathomorphological and clinical features in the group of malignant lymphomas].Academic Article Why?
[Usefulness of routine electron-microscopic studies in the diagnosis of malignant lymphoma].Academic Article Why?
Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in malignant lymphoma: a morphologic study.Academic Article Why?
Diagnosis, staging, and treatment of the malignant lymphomas.Academic Article Why?
Disseminated malignant lymphoma, histiocytic type: the changing picture.Academic Article Why?
Mitoxantrone in malignant lymphomas.Academic Article Why?
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