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Internal medicine residents' preferences regarding medical ethics education.Academic Article Why?
Islamic medical ethics: a primer.Academic Article Why?
Knowledge, confidence, and attitudes regarding medical ethics: how do faculty and housestaff compare?Academic Article Why?
Medical house officers' knowledge, attitudes, and confidence regarding medical ethics.Academic Article Why?
Symposium: teaching and learning clinical medical ethics during residency training.Academic Article Why?
The rise of empirical research in medical ethics: a MacIntyrean critique and proposal.Academic Article Why?
Training doctors for professionalism: some lessons from teaching clinical medical ethics.Academic Article Why?
Adab and its significance for an Islamic medical ethics.Academic Article Why?
Caution: conscience is the limb on which medical ethics sits.Academic Article Why?
How to Integrate a Medical Ethics Curriculum into Gastroenterology Fellowships.Academic Article Why?
Medical ethics curriculum for surgical residents: results of a pilot project.Academic Article Why?
Medical ethics education in China: Lessons from three schools.Academic Article Why?
The effect of clinical medical ethics consultation on healthcare costs.Academic Article Why?
Twelve tips for using clinical cases to teach medical ethics.Academic Article Why?
Angelos, PeterPerson Why?
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