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Cell death-associated translocation of plasma membrane components induced by CTL.Academic Article Why?
Probing red cell membrane cholesterol movement with cyclodextrin.Academic Article Why?
A general method for plasma membrane isolation by colloidal gold density shift.Academic Article Why?
A YidC-like Protein in the Archaeal Plasma Membrane.Academic Article Why?
An actin-dependent annexin complex mediates plasma membrane repair in muscle.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol homeostasis and the escape tendency (activity) of plasma membrane cholesterol.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol-rich intracellular membranes: a precursor to the plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Circulation of cholesterol between lysosomes and the plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Confinement of activating receptors at the plasma membrane controls natural killer cell tolerance.Academic Article Why?
Cytoprotection by stabilization of cell membranes.Academic Article Why?
Developmental changes in internal structure of chick heart plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Effects of extracellular fiber architecture on cell membrane shear stress in a 3D fibrous matrix.Academic Article Why?
Endogenous adipocyte apolipoprotein E is colocalized with caveolin at the adipocyte plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Essentially all excess fibroblast cholesterol moves from plasma membranes to intracellular compartments.Academic Article Why?
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