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Cholesterol-rich intracellular membranes: a precursor to the plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
Movement of zymosterol, a precursor of cholesterol, among three membranes in human fibroblasts.Academic Article Why?
An activation-collision mechanism for cholesterol transfer between membranes.Academic Article Why?
Essentially all excess fibroblast cholesterol moves from plasma membranes to intracellular compartments.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol homeostasis and the escape tendency (activity) of plasma membrane cholesterol.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of endoplasmic reticulum cholesterol by plasma membrane cholesterol.Academic Article Why?
How cholesterol homeostasis is regulated by plasma membrane cholesterol in excess of phospholipids.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol oxidase susceptibility of the red cell membrane.Academic Article Why?
Scrambling of phospholipids activates red cell membrane cholesterol.Academic Article Why?
Cholesterol displacement from membrane phospholipids by hexadecanol.Academic Article Why?
Protection of membrane cholesterol by sphingomyelin against free radical-mediated oxidation.Academic Article Why?
Activation of membrane cholesterol by 63 amphipaths.Academic Article Why?
Active membrane cholesterol as a physiological effector.Academic Article Why?
Circulation of cholesterol between lysosomes and the plasma membrane.Academic Article Why?
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