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The genomic standards consortium: bringing standards to life for microbial ecology.Academic Article Why?
Editorial: New Insights into Microbial Ecology through Subtle Nucleotide Variation.Academic Article Why?
Agricultural Risk Factors Influence Microbial Ecology in Honghu Lake.Academic Article Why?
Guts of the Urban Ecosystem: Microbial Ecology of Sewer Infrastructure.Academic Article Why?
Marine genomics: at the interface of marine microbial ecology and biodiscovery.Academic Article Why?
Pfister, CatherinePerson Why?
Coleman, MaureenPerson Why?
Meeting report: GSC M5 roundtable at the 13th International Society for Microbial Ecology meeting in Seattle, WA, USA August 22-27, 2010.Academic Article Why?
Perturbation of the small intestine microbial ecology by streptomycin alters pathology in a Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium murine model of infection.Academic Article Why?
The importance of metagenomic surveys to microbial ecology: or why Darwin would have been a metagenomic scientist.Academic Article Why?
The next generation of microarray research: applications in evolutionary and ecological genomics.Academic Article Why?
Meyer, FolkerPerson Why?
Pinto, Jayant M.Person Why?
Closed microbial communities self-organize to persistently cycle carbon.Academic Article Why?
Omics for understanding microbial functional dynamics.Academic Article Why?
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