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Advances and Innovations in Microsurgery.Academic Article Why?
European and American Microsurgery Training Programs: The Fellowship Concept Difference.Academic Article Why?
Reproductive outcome after microsurgery for proximal and distal occlusions in the same fallopian tube.Academic Article Why?
Reproductive outcome after unilateral tubocornual anastomosis and contralateral salpingostomy by microsurgery.Academic Article Why?
The robotic ENT microsurgery system: A novel robotic platform for microvascular surgery.Academic Article Why?
Transanal endoscopic microsurgery is more effective than traditional transanal excision for resection of rectal masses.Academic Article Why?
Microsurgery in the hypercoagulable patient: review of the literature.Academic Article Why?
The thoracoacromial trunk: alternative recipient vessels in reoperative head and neck reconstructive microsurgery.Academic Article Why?
Impact of reconstructive microsurgery in patients with advanced oral cavity cancers.Academic Article Why?
MicrosurgeryConcept Why?
Chang, DavidPerson Why?
Gottlieb, LawrencePerson Why?
Silva, AmandaPerson Why?
Garza, RebeccaPerson Why?
[Laser microsurgery of meningioma. An analysis of a consecutive series of 164 cases treated surgically by using different lasers].Academic Article Why?
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