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A computerized treatment algorithm trial to optimize mineral metabolism in ESRD.Academic Article Why?
Abnormal bone and mineral metabolism in kidney transplant patients--a review.Academic Article Why?
Achieving targets for bone and mineral metabolism: the impact of cinacalcet HCl in clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
Mineralocorticoids and the regulation of sodium metabolism in normal and hypertensive pregnancy: a review.Academic Article Why?
Association of mineral metabolism with an increase in cellular adhesion molecules: another link to cardiovascular risk in maintenance haemodialysis?Academic Article Why?
The effect of a diet containing 70% protein from plants on mineral metabolism and musculoskeletal health in chronic kidney disease.Academic Article Why?
Worcester, ElainePerson Why?
Spiegel, DavidPerson Why?
Sprague, StuartPerson Why?
Root suberin forms an extracellular barrier that affects water relations and mineral nutrition in Arabidopsis.Academic Article Why?
The relationship between aminoaciduria and plasma hemoglobin levels.Academic Article Why?
Asplin, JohnPerson Why?
Oto, AytekinPerson Why?
Lindheimer, MarshallPerson Why?
Chang, EugenePerson Why?
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