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Molecular heterogeneity in glioblastoma: therapeutic opportunities and challenges.Academic Article Why?
Molecular heterogeneity in the infantile and juvenile forms of Sandhoff disease (O-variant GM2 gangliosidosis).Academic Article Why?
Next-generation clinical trials: Novel strategies to address the challenge of tumor molecular heterogeneity.Academic Article Why?
Pericentromeric structure of human X "isochromosomes": evidence for molecular heterogeneity.Academic Article Why?
Molecular heterogeneity in lysosomal storage diseases. Alpha-fucosidase and N-acetyl-beta-D-hexosaminidase deficiency variants.Academic Article Why?
Molecular complementarity and structural heterogeneity within co-assembled peptide ß-sheet nanofibers.Academic Article Why?
Molecular biology underlying the clinical heterogeneity of prostate cancer: an update.Academic Article Why?
Chromosome arm 17p deletion analysis reveals molecular genetic heterogeneity in supratentorial and infratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the central nervous system.Academic Article Why?
Demineralization and sectioning of human kidney stones: A molecular investigation revealing the spatial heterogeneity of the stone matrix.Academic Article Why?
Intratumoral heterogeneity of the distribution of kinetic parameters in breast cancer: comparison based on the molecular subtypes of invasive breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Rosner, MarshaPerson Why?
miR-10a regulation of regional arterial endothelial phenotypes in atherosclerosisGrant Why?
Pytel, PeterPerson Why?
Salgia, RaviPerson Why?
Genomic Heterogeneity Within Individual Prostate Cancer Foci Impacts Predictive Biomarkers of Targeted Therapy.Academic Article Why?
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