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Schilsky, RichardPerson Why?
Genetic basis of kidney cancer: a model for developing molecular-targeted therapies.Academic Article Why?
Novel molecular targeted therapies for refractory thyroid cancer.Academic Article Why?
Predicting response of molecular targeted therapies: a still possible challenge?Academic Article Why?
The promise of molecular targeted therapies: protein kinase inhibitors in the treatment of cutaneous malignancies.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Targeted TherapyConcept Why?
Salgia, RaviPerson Why?
Stadler, Walter M.Person Why?
Piunti, AndreaPerson Why?
A novel substituted aminoquinoline selectively targets voltage-sensitive sodium channel isoforms and NMDA receptor subtypes and alleviates chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain.Academic Article Why?
A phase I, open-label, dose-escalation, multicenter study of the JAK2 inhibitor NS-018 in patients with myelofibrosis.Academic Article Why?
A phase II trial of gemcitabine, capecitabine, and bevacizumab in metastatic renal carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
A preclinical evaluation of neural stem cell-based cell carrier for targeted antiglioma oncolytic virotherapy.Academic Article Why?
A UGT1A1 genotype-guided dosing study of modified FOLFIRINOX in previously untreated patients with advanced gastrointestinal malignancies.Academic Article Why?
Adjuvant Therapy for Cutaneous Melanoma.Academic Article Why?
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