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Doi, KunioPerson Why?
Golovkina, TatyanaPerson Why?
Alegre, Maria-LuisaPerson Why?
Chong, Anita S.Person Why?
Pamer, EricPerson Why?
Electrophysiological characterization of pancreatic islet cells in the mouse insulin promoter-green fluorescent protein mouse.Academic Article Why?
Expression of kappa chains of the V kappa 21 group in Mus musculus and related species.Academic Article Why?
Weichselbaum, Ralph R.Person Why?
Xenoreactivity in mouse + rat-->mouse chimeras.Academic Article Why?
Anxiety and maternal aggression in house mice (Mus musculus): a look at interindividual variability.Academic Article Why?
Gajewski, Thomas F.Person Why?
Sherman, S. MurrayPerson Why?
Bendelac, AlbertPerson Why?
Chang, Eugene B.Person Why?
Comparing radiation toxicities across species: an examination of radiation effects in Mus musculus and Peromyscus leucopus.Academic Article Why?
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