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Myelin-associated glycoprotein and myelin galactolipids stabilize developing axo-glial interactions.Academic Article Why?
A novel mutation in myelin-deficient mice results in unstable myelin basic protein gene transcripts.Academic Article Why?
A monoclonal antibody that binds to both astrocytes and myelin sheaths.Academic Article Why?
Galactolipids in the formation and function of the myelin sheath.Academic Article Why?
Myelin deficient mice: expression of myelin basic protein and generation of mice with varying levels of myelin.Academic Article Why?
Morphometric analysis of normal, mutant, and transgenic CNS: correlation of myelin basic protein expression to myelinogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Myelin basic protein and myelinogenesis: morphometric analysis of normal, mutant and transgenic central nervous system.Academic Article Why?
Molecular characterization of the murine mutation myelin deficient.Academic Article Why?
Galactolipids are molecular determinants of myelin development and axo-glial organization.Academic Article Why?
Mature oligodendrocytes cultured in the absence of neurons recapitulate the ontogenic development of myelin membranes.Academic Article Why?
Major histocompatibility complex heavy chain accumulation in the endoplasmic reticulum of oligodendrocytes results in myelin abnormalities.Academic Article Why?
Spreading depression transiently disrupts myelin via interferon-gamma signaling.Academic Article Why?
CNS myelin sheath is stochastically built by homotypic fusion of myelin membranes within the bounds of an oligodendrocyte process.Academic Article Why?
Myelin palingenesis. 2. Immunocytochemical localization of myelin/oligodendrocyte glycolipids in multilamellar structures.Academic Article Why?
Myelin palingenesis. 1. Electron microscopical localization of myelin/oligodendrocyte proteins in multilamellar structures by the immunogold method.Academic Article Why?
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