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Gardel, MargaretPerson Why?
Coexpression and assembly of myosin heavy chain and myosin light chain in Escherichia coli.Academic Article Why?
Actin age orchestrates myosin-5 and myosin-6 run lengths.Academic Article Why?
Myosin light chain phosphorylation facilitates in vivo myosin filament reassembly after mechanical perturbation.Academic Article Why?
Myosin light chain kinase steady-state kinetics: comparison of smooth muscle myosin II and nonmuscle myosin IIB as substrates.Academic Article Why?
Myosin, transgelin, and myosin light chain kinase: expression and function in asthma.Academic Article Why?
Rock, Ronald S.Person Why?
Myosin-binding protein H-like regulates myosin-binding protein distribution and function in atrial cardiomyocytes.Academic Article Why?
Beta-myosin heavy chain gene mutations in familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: the usual suspect?Academic Article Why?
Molecular motors: a finicky myosin V chooses its own path.Academic Article Why?
Myosin light chain phosphorylation regulates barrier function by remodeling tight junction structure.Academic Article Why?
Myosin-V is a processive actin-based motor.Academic Article Why?
Direct in vivo RNAi screen unveils myosin IIa as a tumor suppressor of squamous cell carcinomas.Academic Article Why?
Assays for actin sliding movement over myosin-coated surfaces.Academic Article Why?
Human cardiac myosin heavy chain genes and their linkage in the genome.Academic Article Why?
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