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Cost analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy tissue oximetry for monitoring autologous free tissue breast reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
Extracranial Contamination of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Devices.Academic Article Why?
Near-infrared spectroscopy monitors: a novel tool for patient safety in the intensive care unit.Academic Article Why?
Near infrared spectroscopy: clinical and research uses.Academic Article Why?
Concordance of near infrared spectroscopy with pressure flow studies in men with lower urinary tract symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Mechanical Leeching with Venocutaneous Fistula and Monitoring with Near-infrared Spectroscopy.Academic Article Why?
Spin-state correlations in near infrared spectroscopy of cytochrome c'.Academic Article Why?
Spectroscopy, Near-InfraredConcept Why?
Cerebral oxygen desaturation events assessed by near-infrared spectroscopy during shoulder arthroscopy in the beach chair and lateral decubitus positions.Academic Article Why?
Lack of irrefutable validation does not negate clinical utility of near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring: learning to trust new technology.Academic Article Why?
Quantitation of brown adipose tissue perfusion in transgenic mice using near-infrared fluorescence imaging.Academic Article Why?
Near-infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) as a process monitoring solution for a production line of roll compaction and tableting.Academic Article Why?
Noninvasive determination of brain tissue oxygenation during sleep in obstructive sleep apnea: a near-infrared spectroscopic approach.Academic Article Why?
Noninvasive, near infrared spectroscopic-measured muscle pH and PO2 indicate tissue perfusion for cardiac surgical patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.Academic Article Why?
Marks, JeremyPerson Why?
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