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Gamma oscillations of spiking neural populations enhance signal discrimination.Academic Article Why?
Kay, LesliePerson Why?
Neural discharge and local field potential oscillations in primate motor cortex during voluntary movements.Academic Article Why?
Olfactory system gamma oscillations: the physiological dissection of a cognitive neural system.Academic Article Why?
CRCNS-Multiple olfactory gamma oscillations: roles in sensation and attentionGrant Why?
CRCNS: Dynamical mechanisms of oscillation transitions in the olfactory systemGrant Why?
Awh, EdwardPerson Why?
Doiron, BrentPerson Why?
Hatsopoulos, Nicholas G.Person Why?
Decety, JeanPerson Why?
Vogel, EdwardPerson Why?
Axonal and synaptic failure suppress the transfer of firing rate oscillations, synchrony and information during high frequency deep brain stimulation.Academic Article Why?
Granule cell excitability regulates gamma and beta oscillations in a model of the olfactory bulb dendrodendritic microcircuit.Academic Article Why?
Genetic evidence for a role for protein kinase A in the maintenance of sleep and thalamocortical oscillations.Academic Article Why?
Maunsell, John H.R.Person Why?
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